Academic Medicine & Research

Investing in tomorrow’s medicine

Academic medical institutions educate our future doctors, scientists and clinicians who are bringing new discoveries, from bench to bedside, every day. An investment in academic medicine fundraising is an investment in tomorrow’s treatments and cures.

Academic medical centers are a unique component of many universities across the world. The partnership between the two is synergistic where research, scholarly work, and education all contribute to the advancement of patient care. However, academic medical schools have their own fundraising initiatives and challenges that often must be addressed separately from university donor programs. Academic medicine needs a continual stream of funding for:

  • Research studies
  • Clinical trials
  • Teaching hospitals
  • Patient care

The key is to impassion donors who are inspired by the good work of your academic medical school and research institute to give from the heart, and give regularly. But how?

It begins with the stories

Academic medicine is full of stories waiting to be told. Future doctors have very personal stories of why they want to improve healthcare. Our next generation of scientists has stories of their plans to find the next cure through research and innovation. Future clinicians and medical professional are committed to sharing medical knowledge and supporting the future of medicine. Every story has the ability to create a connection with donors.

The goal is to find what resonates with donors

What attitudes, experiences, aspirations and beliefs do donors bring to the table that positions them to support your cause? This is where our DonorConnect™ program comes in.

Our experienced and innovative team develops memorable messaging with heartfelt imagery and combines it with meaningful segmentation that accelerates a donor into immediate action.

Ultimately, your donors should feel that by choosing to support your institution they are investing in the future of medicine – helping to find the next cure or lifesaving breakthrough.

Let’s work together for the future of medicine. We offer:

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The professionalism and diligence CI Partners Direct exhibits with every job is outstanding. Our relationship is such that I can relax and know things are going to be handled to our highest standards. Our direct mail program is in great hands with CI Partners Direct!
Becky McCauleySenior Development OfficerArkansas Children's Hospital Foundation

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