We help cultivate donor loyalty

Building long-term donor loyalty is the gold standard of fundraising. To attain this, organizations must be willing to make the same level of unflinching, year-over-year commitment they are asking of their donors.

One annual fundraiser mailing won’t do it. Neither will two. Rather a dedication to ongoing, great communication, with built-in analysis and program adjustments, will result in robust and enriched donor relationships. It takes time and patience.

Painful fundraising lessons can be avoided

If you’ve been in the donor cultivation and/or fundraising business for any length of time then sadly you may have lived through one of these painful scenarios:

  • Leadership has become impatient with the realization that donor acquisition at your hospital system is a loss leader for the first several years and scales back your program.
  • A new executive team cuts the budget just as the program in your academic medical school is positioned to break even and turn profits.
  • A few complaints of “too much mail” kills the fundraising program at your nonprofit cultural center (i.e. zoo, museum, aquarium) just as it’s approaching the profitable years.

The way we see it, whatever you’ve done to earn today’s donation is in the past – it’s what you are planning to do next, and how quickly you do it, that determines the likelihood of a thriving and growing donor program.

Great donor relationships are built on great communication

Our job is to counsel you and your executive team from the beginning on the power of good donor stewardship. You simply must care about each and every donor – from the first-time donor who helps offset the natural attrition of your database to increasing the lifetime value of all donors. Demonstrating this occurs through a well-developed, donor-centered strategic plan that is personal and respectful and that grows and resonates with donors over several years and multiple channels.

Being good stewards for your donors

Our experienced consultants will help you prioritize the “three A’s” of good donor stewardship:

  • Acknowledgement: Are you thanking your donors and recognizing their gifts in a personalized and timely manner?
  • Affinity: Do your donors understand and share in your cause’s vision and dreams?
  • Accountability: Do you keep your donors up-to-date, sharing how their gifts are being put to good use? 

Done right, a well-developed donor stewardship program can convert a single one-time gift into a long-term donor relationship that could eventually lead to larger legacy gifts. Make no mistake, when a bequest seemingly comes out of nowhere, it often comes from years of modest but steady annual giving – the direct result of an ongoing, years-long donor stewardship program.

We’d be honored to help you develop your donors

Contact us today and let’s develop a plan that:

  • increases your individual donor gifts.
  • ensures the first donation is just the beginning.
  • includes a realistic budget for your donor goals.
  • responds to those appeals that are driving action.

Our Clients Say It Best

Our partnership with CIPD has been a consistent highlight of our Annual Campaign program, and we’re so grateful to get to do this work together. CIPD exhibits incredible attention to detail and great depth of knowledge, all while completing projects with seamless execution. And, the extensive analytics they provide are instrumental in informing our overall strategy. Beyond CIPD’s skill set and high-quality customer service, I truly look forward to our communications and ongoing interactions throughout the year. Their whole team is genuine and authentic in their desire to advance our mission, and we are grateful to have them standing with us!
Lauren D.Nonprofit Social Services client

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