Production Implementation

It’s like building a house . . .
actually a community of homes

Think of implementing your long-term fundraising goals as developing a beautiful neighborhood community. Each house represents a unique fundraising campaign – still structurally consistent with the ambience of the neighborhood (aka your brand) but uniquely personalized in its curb-appeal and interior design (aka messaging and graphic design) to fit the personalities of the individual homeowners (aka your constituents).

We have your architects  At C.I. Partners Direct we are partners in your success. It all begins with the architects – these are our consultants who listen intently to your goals and objectives, guiding you with their experience and drafting a blue print for success.

We assign you a general contractor  Our project managers are more like general contractors overseeing each campaign. They pull together the team that exceeds your expectations in all phases of the implementation, from creative data segmentation, to printing the direct mail piece, to launching the digital marketing components. Importantly, the project manager is your single point of contact.

You have your own interior designer  Our creative director works closely with your team to bring your vision to fruition, ensuring the design and messaging are on-point and capture your donors’ attention. Read more.

The technical specialists then step in ­ When building a home this is where the electricians, plumbers and finishers provide their technical expertise. In the world of fundraising our technical experts are:

  • Database analysts – These specialists refine the data and ensure data driven variables are programmed into your direct mail campaign.
  • Digital marketing specialists – These experts ensure that all digital marketing efforts are coordinated and cohesive with the companion direct mail campaign to deliver a united message to donors.
  • Quality assurance team  C.I. Partners Direct proudly takes ownership of the quality of all deliverables. At each step of your project, you are assured that our QA team is following a time-tested quality review process that has been refined through years of compiling and vetting best practices from previous client projects within multiple industries

On to the next house  As with any good development, lessons are learned and improvements made so the next house is better than the first. This is how we envision our clients’ long-term fundraising strategies. Together, we learn from previous campaigns by reviewing the results, and making adjustments as necessary to the messaging, creative and/or deliverables.

Contact us to build your perfect neighborhood of donors.

Our Clients Say It Best

When it comes to annual giving there are any number of vendors that play the game of being a true partner with their clients, but C.I. Partners Direct is our sixth man to success. With exceptional personalized customer service, they are a part of our team from the beginning to the end of each and every project. Sometimes, even going into overtime. The team at C.I. Partners helps our small but mighty team be confident that we are growing our donor base, connecting to our constituents, learning donor behaviors and creating a sustainable pipeline.

Megan MoorefieldDirector of Medical Annual GivingKeck Medicine of USC & USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center

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