Budget Management

Does your fundraising budget match your goals?

Looking to turn your individual fundraising campaigns into a thriving donor loyalty program? It takes time, commitment and a realistic fundraising budget.

Let’s talk fundraising goals

Here are three common scenarios:

    1. You are asked to grow the membership base of your nonprofit cultural center by 35% over the next 3 years. Is that realistic? The answer is, maybe. What is your budget? What is the commitment level of your Board? Do they understand that donor acquisition is a loss leader for the first several years but then revenue generation does indeed come?

    2. Your university has a 10-year campus growth plan and needs to expand its donor pipeline now to identify prospects for major gifts. Again, what is your budget and long-term commitment?
    3. You are asked to increase revenue 15% however you must do so with a 10% budget cut. If you continue to do what was done last year, but with less money, than most likely you will get the same results or less.  Hoping for an outlier large gift is not a strategy to depend on to meet your goals.

We are very honest with our clients who are looking to build long-term donor loyalty. We say, “To ask your supporters for year-over-year donor commitment, your organizations need to make the same level of unflinching commitment in both budget and time.”

Let’s establish a long-term budget

Our sales consultants understand budget management. They can help you:

  • develop a realistic 3-5 year budget to meet your long-term donor acquisition and revenue goals .
  • educate your leadership on realistic goals.
  • manage your budget to get maximum ROI.
  • project your budget for subsequent years.

Remember, the key to a thriving donor loyalty program is to create multiple touch points over time, encouraging existing donors to increase their annual giving, while converting prospects to new donors – at first giving one-time and then giving again in the form of a renewal.

Let’s meet to discuss how your budget will meet the needs of your specific donor loyalty program.

Our Clients Say It Best

C.I. Partners Direct has been an excellent strategic partner for our college. They’ve played an essential part in helping us develop our fundraising strategy and have brought focus, creativity and results to our direct mail program.
Michelle S.Higher Education Client

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