Strategic Planning

Planning today for tomorrow’s donors

The key to a successful donor program is knowing and planning for your fundraising goals.

  • Are you looking for physician engagement to create a culture of gratitude for a grateful patient program at your hospital?
  • Are you looking to raise capital for that new wing of your children’s hospital?
  • Do you need to protect ongoing operations of your local museum, zoo or other cultural center with a steady flow of annual donors and members?
  • Maybe you’d like to reach more alumni to grow the university’s endowment fund or support academic research?

Once your donor fundraising program goals are clearly defined, our team of expert consultants and project managers work with you to develop a strategic plan that checks all the boxes.

It all starts with our DonorConnectTM program

We help you identify the best donors with which to connect. It’s a two-pronged approach. We start by mining your existing lists, pinpointing those supporters who would be inclined to increase their one-time gift amounts and which donors may be motivated to renew their donations on a recurring basis – this is called ‘move management’ and it’s a hallmark of working with C.I. Partners Direct. Equally important, DonorConnect™ also establishes demographics to target prospects that are identified as likely donors to fit within your donor pipeline. Our goal is to continually fill your database with new donors, which helps to offset natural attrition while providing opportunity to move those new donors into ever increasing donor roles.

We then help you to work within a Donor Pyramid

Professional fundraisers are familiar with some variation of a donor pyramid or donor funnel. The key is to constantly watch and analyze your donors’ actions to identify what motivates them to move up the pyramid from a prospect to an occasional donor to a loyal supporter and ultimately a legacy or transformational gift donor.

The answers help to focus campaigns on areas of strength like heartfelt messaging and memorable creative combined with meaningful audience segmentation that when delivered consistently across multiple channels accelerates a donor into immediate action.

Remember the goal of successful donor fundraising programs is to identify the RIGHT donors who will engage with your cause and increase their support over time. Simply going after the quick money can be expensive and wasteful, especially when you realize that it takes three to five years of retention and good donor stewardship to build a successful donor loyalty program that nets real profitability.

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C.I. Partners Direct has provided me what my foundation needs – an experienced team of project managers, graphic designers, programmers and high level consulting. C.I. Partners Direct has been a solid fundraising partner!
Mike L.Children’s Hospital Foundation client

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